Johnny Matthew's Hairdressing Training Systems

Johnny Matthew’s Hairdressing Training School is changing the way the community views Cosmetology and Barbering Colleges in downtown Salem. Opening their doors to students in July 2013 Johnny Matthew’s had to hit the ground running.

Salem hasn’t seen a new hair design and barber school in decades and Johnny Matthew’s opened its doors for students to find a school offering the looks of a trendsetting salon whilst offering the education of a Private Career School.

Gone were the outdated teaching methods of yesteryear and in came digital downloads, iPad’s, Mp4’s and an innovative curriculum based upon European aesthetics geared toward the Millennial generation!
With well over 5000 FaceBook fans and slews of 5 star reviews online; Johnny Matthew’s apparently knows what its doing in the education department. Upon a little poking around we found out that Johnny Matthew’s had shaken things up in the past three years; with 100% of students passing the State Licensing Exam in Hair Design in 2014 (not bad for their first run of graduates), 100% passing the State Licensing Exam in Barbering in 2015 and 93% of students gaining employment in Hair Design immediately upon graduation in their first graduating year (2014).
In a time when traditional college students are finding it harder to find employment within their chosen degree field Johnny Matthew’s has shown how a shift from traditional colleges to Private Career School’s has huge benefits; demonstrated in it’s graduation and employment rates published with the State.
All this success has come at a cost…the cost of expansion!  Johnny Matthew’s has now grown from a twenty-five work station school-service-salon floor to being the largest working school-service-salon floor around by far; with forty-nine work stations; adding a barbering shop service area to their already existing hair design service area. Clean lines, high-toned equipment and furnishings, red Ferrari hair dryers along with red and black chairs, all set in what used to be the Anderson’s Sporting Goods building makes for a unique and inspiring influence for any patron and student alike.
As 2017 fast approaches around the corner, newly accredited by NACCAS, Johnny Matthew’s anticipates a jam packed year with exciting opportunities for its students to train in London, England with it’s Founder and Director, Matthew Nolan (Johnny Matthew’s offers an International ITEC Certification as well as an Oregon License for all of it’s enrolled students).
Hair Design and Barbering education has never looked better in Salem, Oregon and if you want to try your hand or want to look your best well, why not dive in, or at least let the students dive into your hair.