The Lens of Photographer Petra Collins

Nordstrom, launches a national brand campaign to celebrate the best of spring fashion. Shot by photographer and rising star Petra Collins, the campaign will debut on February 6 in the U.S. and Canada with print, digital, social, out of home and video components.

Collins shot the series on 35mm film to capture the retailer's most inspirational looks for men and women through her signature dreamy and hyper-feminine lens. It tells a fashion story inspired and invigorated by the female perspective, depicting that point-of-view through layers of diversity – in age, ethnicity, identity and experience.

The campaign vision and concept was developed by Olivia Kim, Vice President of Creative Projects at Nordstrom, whom along with her creative team knew the art world favorite Collins could bring that vision to life.

"We see the brand campaigns as our opportunity to tell our most fashion-forward story," said Kim. "We want it to feel approachable, but still aspirational enough that our customers get excited about the season. We selected some of our favorite looks to showcase, but alongside that we wanted to make a statement about self-confidence, empowerment and authenticity.
"With Collins, we selected a group of models and non-models alike to help tell a story of togetherness and unity, as if to say we are all here as one. As a young woman, Petra has such a strong and captivating voice, and an incredible way of articulating what she believes in through her camera lens. Her photos capture moments that are real and honest, and for this we think she is a great person to express fashion for 2017 in a way that feels strong, powerful and beautiful."

Collins, Toronto-born photographer and curator, has been featured in numerous art exhibitions and magazines such as Vogue, Purple, i-D, Rookie, Vice, Wonderland, Dazed & Confused, Elle, and LOVE. She has photographed campaigns for COS, Calvin Klein, Levi's, Adidas, and Stella McCartney, among other brands. She was cast in a supporting role on the television show Transparent, and has produced dozens of short films and videos of her own. As a model, she has appeared in campaigns for Calvin Klein and Gucci.

Kim joined Nordstrom in February 2013, and under her Creative Projects umbrella focuses on creating energy, excitement, and inspiration through curated partnerships, concept shops and developing new experiences for customers. With her creative mind and unique perspective as a merchant, Kim took on the role of setting the vision for the company's brand campaigns in Spring 2016, the retailer's first in 15 years. Following her inaugural "See Anew" campaign, "We Are Here" from Fall 2016, and "Love, Nordstrom" from the holiday season, the launch of the latest brand campaign for Spring 2017 marks her fourth developed for Nordstrom.