Make Music Salem 2016: Highlights and a Musical Community Gathering Shared by Salem Families, Friends, and Neighbors


Would this day across our Salem community render lackluster attendance to a nationwide event or would our Salemites participate in a most significant day of which local music talent and Salem families, friends, and neighbors unite in a scene of joy, fellowship, and fun? As expected. the close community of Salem ventured across town to the various venues scheduled for this year's Make Music Salem, all part of the national (over 700 cities) Make Music Day 2016. The musical talent from our community, from my day's experience, was powerful and exceptionally-performed. Not so much that we were surprised at the level of musicianship across Salem, but more so, to the dedication of so many Salem/Portland acts to deliver permeatingly pleasing sounds throughout benchmark locations across our Downtown Salem sector.

Salemites (between ages 18-82) cheerfully embraced a vast variety of music genres at scheduled locales. On this day, Salem produced music artists audibly dominating music formats such as, folk, country, nostalgic, punk, classic rock, rap, hip-hop, grunge, and original local Salem music tracks. For me, throughout the event I met talent who believed it was high-time the music artists from predominatley within Salem be recognized throughout the global "music-sphere."

The community of Salem tuned up and was ready to play as "Make Music Salem" transformed Salem into one of the most melodic cities across the US.

"Make Music Salem," a celebration of the summer solstice which unites musicians of all instruments, vocal ranges, and styles to perform free of charge at various locations across town. On June 21st, amateur and professional musicians from across the Greater Salem community performed live with other music-archetypes simultaneously in more than 750 US cities.

A Celebration of Live Music

"All musical styles were welcomed to join in. Be it alternative rock to zydeco," said Mark Green, co-founder of the River City Rock Star Academy. “We wanted every genre you can think of.” All ages were welcome, as well.

Performance locations ranged from the Capitol steps to the Reed Opera House Alley to just about anywhere imaginable. It was an extreme musical buffet.