The Roger Yost Gallery Presents the Exclusive Museum Collection

The Roger Yost Gallery in Yost’s towering Capitol Center building will be presenting the owner’s Museum Collection when it reopens its doors for tours February 1. Most of the art was accumulated by the Salem investor in the last 18 months from high-end auctions in the U.S. and Europe; estate sales or private collections, and ranges in age from 100 to 600 years old.

There are paintings of an 18th century historic sea battle and portrait of a heroic of admiral; portraits of a defeated revolutionary war general and British noblemen; religious genre paintings by a Dutch master, and a large 18th century recreation of Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Last Supper.”

Before there was photography, battle scenes were depicted by artists for news me-dia,” Yost explains, “and everyday life was captured in so-called genre paintings.”

Gallery Curator Rebecca Courtney has organized the art into “story rooms,” in-cluding the large Mosler vault that once serviced the Capitol Center’s original tenant, the First National Bank of Oregon.

“The vault, 1927 gallery ceiling and exterior designs are all artistic elements that make both the gallery space and the art deco building a treasured part of Downtown Salem,” said Ms. Courtney, who also serves as Vice President-Creative Director for Yost Properties.

New to the Gallery space and complementing the historic art is the Yost Clock Collection – some surviving from the early 19th century.

“In addition to group tours, the gallery will be made available for special event rental,” said Ms. Courtney, who reports the second floor of the gallery will continue to be devoted to Yost’s eclectic contemporary art, featuring rare paintings of Paris; and abstract, still life, floral, and wildlife presentations.

For more information Ms. Courtney can be reached at (503) 370-9951

Photos by Leah Jones-Moe