Turning Trash Into Treasure


Turning trash into treasure, Upcycle Oregon is a celebration promoting creative reuse through art, fashion and hands-on learning experiences, that takes place 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, May 21, at the Salem Convention Center, 200 Commercial St. SE. Salem Magazine: Upccycle Oregon“Upcycle Oregon aims to celebrate, explore and promote creative solutions for a sustainable Oregon,” event co-organizer Carlee Wright said. “We are really looking forward to highlighting the creativity and ingenuity of Oregonians through this event.”

"Upcycling" is a word used to describe the process of converting waste materials into items of greater environmental benefit or economic value. This concept, which promotes responsible materials use, is a possible innovative solution to the growing need for waste reduction measures. The upcycling movement has positive environmental, social and economic benefits and is helping promote a more sustainable Oregon through creative reuse

Salem Magazine: Danielle Baca“Not everyone is familiar with the term “upcycling,” but it is something many people are already doing and don’t realize. We upcycle goods by reusing them in ways that offer new or greater value to our community. It’s not a new concept, but we hope that people who attend Upcycle Oregon will see new value, inspiration and get their own ideas for upcycling,” Wright said. “Many people don’t realize we have numerous local sources that are in the business of upcycling already.”

Upcycle Oregon features a Marketplace with products made from reused materials, an art and innovations exhibition, and a “Trashion” fashion show, in addition to educational exhibits and hands-on learning opportunities about consumption alternatives, waste reduction, and sustainable practices.

“The Trashion fashion show will definitely be a highlight of the event as people will see unique, artistic and yes, even wearable, clothing made from some really unconventional materials,” Wright said.

Salem Magazine: ForgeX NorthwestUpcycle Oregon is organized by Forge X Northwest, a creative reuse and do-it-yourself nonprofit in Salem.

Learn more by visiting Upcycle Oregon online: Click here