A Salem Success Story


In the photo: Left to right - Cassi Ballweber, Kellie Pavelek, Alyssa Goffin, Kristina & Lance Donnelly, Channing Orueta, Kathryn Case, Katie Borden are on the Red Carpet celebrating the New Year during the official VIP Tan Republic Party in Downtown Salem.

A Salem Success Story

Lance and Kristina are a power couple. Together they built a business that puts Salem Oregon on the map for Entrepreneurs.

Tan Republic has grown from one location at Haw-thorne and Market street to 70 spas in two states within a decade. Expansion through franchising is a winning formula for so many great companies across America. Lance and Kristina Donnelly are well on their way. Young, ambitious and willing to have some fun with business is an important part of their passion. The concept is innovative with a perfect blend of status, image, elegance and quality. For so many frequenting members, Tan Republic spas have become a way of life.

Both Lance and Kristina lead by example. It’s a man-agement style that just comes naturally. Lance is no stranger to hard work and dedication.

He grew up as a privileged kid who’s parents lost the family fortune when he was finishing high school. Lance worked part time jobs, and even operated his own candy machines. The quarters added up and taught him about the fundamentals of business.

t was when Jim Ellis and Jim Bernau saw some-thing special in this tall kid and offered him a job in local sales for Willamette Valley Vineyards that really changed Lance’s life. He made nice commissions from his sales and learned his way around the business com-munity. Bernau was just the mentor for Lance. “I never looked back from those Bacchus Fine Wine days.”

“I always dreamed of owning my own business.”

Kristina made it all come together. Lance worked full time at the winery, (now Willamette Valley Vineyards) and Kristina worked full time managing their first Tan Republic location. I was in those early days that Lance and Kristina realized just how much an investment in themselves was going to evolve. It was their combined work ethic, customer service and genuine enjoyment of people that lead the way.

The rest of the story as they say in the boardroom, “Success after success and on to national franchising.” 70 units in the Tan Republic system is a number Sa-lem can be proud of. With the expertise in construc-tion, Lance’s father in law, Dan Crooke, assisted in the design and together they built the salons..true salons based on simple comfort, luxury and quality. Plans for National expansion are certainly on the drawing board. “Our growth curve has a great deal of potential.”

Just like Subway, sudden growth across the country is in the Tan Republic future.

The numbers are going up at home as well. Lance and Kristina are the proud parents of 3 beautiful children, 2 boys and a 4 month old girl.

A new year is here, and with it a chance to make good on some of those promises to yourself!

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Tan Republic is a locally owned nationally inspired franchise company that supports the mid Willamette valley community.