Salem's Mayor, Anna Peterson Encourages All to Dream Big and in Color


The Future Belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. -Eleanor Roosevelt"

Dream big, dream in color and make a place in your life for the dreamers for through them we see dreams come true."

Salem Magazine is about our dreamers, our builders, our past dreams being rebuilt, our present dreams being seen and our dreams for the future being created.

Our City of Salem is vibrant and growing; a home for designers, creators, and builders. Our buildings are historic and beautiful. They were built by dreamers, to provide a backdrop of beauty to our vibrant business, retail and dining establishments. In Salem Magazine we see the dreams of the past rebuilt in Downtown Salem.

The beauty of our City is a beauty of which to dream. Our natural landscape, our artists, our buildings all provide a palette from which we bring forth the beauty that is Salem.

The people of Salem, their dreams, their lives, their passions are the future of Salem. We are given a glimpse of the beauty of our spirit through the fashion and style of our Downtown department stores and independent boutiques, the beauty of our lives built upon the foundation of hearth and home and the beauty of Salem as a jewel in the crown of Oregon as lived and revealed by our dreamers and entrepreneurs.

As Mayor of our beautiful City of Salem, I am pleased to share your dream... that is Salem.

Anna M. Peterson Mayor, City of Salem