Grassfed Beef in Salem


Rudio Creek Ranch cattle live, eat, and breed in a natural setting where healthy grasses, and alfalfa grow abundantly. The pure-bred Black Angus herds graze and utilize the grasslands without confined feeding practices. They eat only the grass and hay produced on site. The result is unadulterated beef, free from hormones, antibiot-ics, and the negative effects of grain-based diets. Even the most “premium” beef sold in supermarkets comes from cattle that are fed grain during their last months of life. Such practices cause rapid weight gain and subject the cows to foreign foods. Our cattle enjoy wide open fields, rolling hills, and plenty of pasture land with room to for-age for the grasses they naturally prefer. We consciously choose to eliminate unneces-sary stressors for our animals. Our cold-branding practices are a perfect example. We are committed to providing a nurturing, natural, and stress-free environment for our animals, and we firmly believe that such conditions translate into higher quality beef.

The Healthy Choice

Because we are passionate about sustainable, conscientious harvesting, our cows do not receive unnatural supplements or injections. Such practices strip beef of their es-sential nutrients and subject them to accelerated growth. Our grass-fed beef is lower in calories, saturated fat, and cholesterol. It contains more omega-3 fatty acids and is high in health-enhancing fats like CLA (conjugated lineolic acid). In addition, it is rich in antioxidants like vitamins E and C and beta-carotene.

The Responsible Choice

Rudio Creek Ranch is a natural treasure, and we are committed to preserving its splendor for future generations. We embrace a sustainable land-use ethic and are involved in local efforts to restore and improve the landscape. Rich with natural re-sources, our land is our bounty. We take pride in the fact that within the boundaries of our Ranch, our cattle have every necessity to live, thrive, and grow.

The Choice You Can Taste

Pure feeding and ethical harvesting produce succulent, tender, and bold flavored beef. We oversee each step in the production process. We dry age our beef to per-fection, a process that is most often used on beef sold at premium grocery stores and restaurants. Dry aging involves allowing the muscle fibers to relax while natural enzymes break them down. In the process, the meat loses moisture through evapo-ration, causing a more intense and tender product. In addition, properly aged beef freezes beautifully and cooks to perfection. At Rudio Creek Ranch, we have dedicat-ed ourselves to ethical, conscientious choices that often equate to longer harvesting processes. Our lean beef takes over 20 months to produce compared to the standard 14-16 months. The result, however, is a healthier, more flavorful product for our consumers.

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