Lose Weight the Right Way


Nutrition is absolutely the foundation of a good weight loss program. If you are not eating right your body will definitely show. The single most important factor in fat loss are carbohydrates. They are key to losing fat. If you are not consuming the correct type of carbs you are shooting yourself in the foot. Make sure that every meal has a good source of a complex carb such as a sweet potato, quinoa or oatmeal. Evan McDaniel

Protein is a major metabolic booster. Think of it like dumping gasoline on top of a fire. The key is eating the right type of protein, lean. Turkey, chicken, fish, egg whites and low fat dairy products like non-fat/plain Greek yogurt or 2% cottage cheese.

Eating carbs and protein together. A lot of you will just eat one macro-nutrient (carbs or protein) per meal. This is very typical for snacking. I want you to make sure that you eat a good carb and protein listed above, together ever 3-4 hours through the day. A great ratio of carbs/protein/fat is 40/40/20 to lose fat. This means that 40% of your calories should come from carbs, 40% from protein and 20% from good sources of fat.

The second component, and most overlooked is resistance training. Not body building, but resistance training as in challenging your muscles with a resistance that is challenging for them to overcome. This builds muscle and muscle burns fat. Without resistance training your body will have trouble building muscle (not big and bulky) Muscle burns fat 24 hours each day with or without you performing exercise on that given day. This is how we increase our metabolic rate. One pound of muscle burns around 50 calories of fat each day. This is how we train our clients at Fit Studios. We focus on building muscle to help increase their metabolism to prevent yo-yoing with their weight. If all you do is run and eat salads your metabolic rate will stall out and your weight will fluctuate with any small change in your diet or cardio plan.

Fit Studios focuses on major muscle groups trained in all platforms of exercise. This allows for not only strength but flexibility, mobility and muscular endurance. We train all the major muscle groups continually throughout each week giving our clients the maximal ability to build muscle and burn fat 24 hours a day.

Cardio is the final piece to the fat burning puzzle. It is also the main form of exercise that Americans perform to attempt to lose weight. The key is to do the right type of cardio, in the right amounts at the right intensity. Simply jumping on a treadmill and slugging away mile after mile is an archaic attempt at losing weight. I want you to get moving quickly, see better results and save time while preventing injury. This is why we focus on interval training, or High Intensity Interval Training as you may have heard it called. Running fast for short bursts is the key to preserving muscle and burning fat 12-14 hours after each of your workouts. Jogging simply doesn't increase your metabolic rate for any longer than you actually exercise. This is key for long term success and what separates Fit Studios from other programs. The key to HIIT is that it only takes 10-15 minutes after each of your workouts to help burn even more fat. It also increases your cardiovascular endurance much quicker and at a more sustained rate than simply jogging at the same pace for an hour. I have found the ideal ratio for HIIT is 2:1. Work hard twice as much as you rest.

Stick to that and you will be seeing better results much quicker. It only takes 3-4 days per week to maximize results after each of your resistance training sessions.