Nopp’s Jewelry & Art and Scott Smith’s Custom Jewelry: A Family Business Legacy Serving Salem for Four Decades


What two essential ingredients must be combined to repair fine jewelry, costume jewelry, frames for prescription glasses, and small metal parts - all with precision accuracy? The answer: A highly-skilled custom jewelry designer with expert competency to proficiently operate a high-quality, state-of-the-art laser spot welding system. We recently caught up with Garin Nopps of Nopp’s Jewelry and Art, Downtown Salem and Scott Smith of Scott Smith Custom Jewelry. Garin Nopp provided us with a 360-degree tour of their 2000 square foot family-owned business. Since 1972, the Nopp family and their renown pawn shop organization has been serving the entire Salem community and surrounding areas with a continuous flow of unique, one-of-a-kind items and collections expertly collected and re-sold from sources ranging from individuals to exclusive estate sales.

Salem Magazine: Nopp's Jewelry and ArtPrecision jeweler, Scott Smith began by demonstrating the power, efficiency, and accuracy of his $35,000 laser spot welding machine. He told us, “If someone has been told it can’t be fixed, I would love to see what I can do to make the repair.” Garin explained how their valued customers are quite pleased with the fact their most treasured pieces never leave the building because Scott conducts all of his customization and repair work on-site. According to Scott, “Our on premise design and repair process delivers greater customer satisfaction in three ways: (1) Faster turnaround; (2) More economical; and (3) provides a longer lasting quality repair."

Salem Magazine: Nopp's Jewelry and ArtWe asked Scott about some of the challenges jewelers commonly face when working toward custom design or during the repair process of a given exclusive piece. He explained that was precisely why he opted to “go big or go home.” The market demand for quality work and overall cost to the customer has instigated a far more competitive retail jewelry customization and repair environment. Scott wanted to ensure that his process was uniquely better; which is why he relies upon his distinct laser spot welding approach. The industry has become more competitive while continuing to expand. Due to shifts in consumer behavior teamed with jewelry industry dynamics, consequential changes are taking effect.

For local jewelers to flourish and sustain their competitive advantage, conducting a “business as usual approach” is unacceptable because it is paramount that industry professionals must remain aware and be responsive to vital trends and specific customer satisfaction expectations and needs (Dauriz, Remy, & Tochtermann, 2014).

After witnessing Scott Smith’s jewelry customization and repair process first-hand, we highly recommend visiting with Garin, located at Nopp’s Jewelry and Art (Downtown Salem) next time you or someone you know needs expert advice prior to designing, manufacturing, and/or repairing that most treasured piece. He and Scott will work together to make sure you receive the highest quality work at the best value.

Salem Magazine: Nopp's Jewelry and ArtWith an ever-evolving inventory, at Nopp’s Jewelry and Art, you will meet friendly experts inside a warm and most welcoming environment.

While there, we encourage you say, “Hello” to company mascots, “Filson” (German Wirehair Pointer) and “Whisky” (Military Macaw).

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Salem Magazine: Nopp's Jewelry and Art


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