The Bike Peddler: There is Something that Lives in All of Us


Salem Magazine: The Bike PeddlerThere is something that lives in all of us. A sensation. An inner tickle. A wild hair. Call it what you will, but you know you’ve felt it--that impulsive urge to move forward. At times far; other times just around the block. But always forward. Toward fitness, toward milestones, toward freedom, toward empowerment. Achievement one pedal stroke at a time. Salem Magazine: The Bike PeddlerFor the past 43-years, The Bike Peddler has been keeping Salem’s young and young at heart rolling forward on two wheels. “We’re matchmakers--we help riders find just the right bike for how they’d like to ride.” explains General Manager, Robert Chavier.

“Or we help our riders better fit their bike to them. Having a solid fit assessment and making adjustments for comfort and/or performance can make all the difference.” added Fit Specialist and Master Mechanic, Eric Vickers.

Salem Magazine: The Bike PeddlerThere has never been a better time to hop on a bike. Advancements in cycling design, for example, electronic shifting, e-bikes, comfort bikes, adult trikes, and tubeless tires, are making it possible for people who never considered riding to get out and explore. And it goes both ways. These advancements also extend possibilities to those who have always ridden, but find as they age or encounter physical ailments, they can’t ride like they used to.

“Showing people options, like a step through bike (i.e. has a lower point of entry) with a comfortable seat and easy gear range, is one of the most Salem Magazine: The Bike Peddlerrewarding parts of my day. I can’t tell you how many folks have become teary-eyed when they realized they don’t have to give up fitness--they just have to think about it in a different way.” shared Chavier.

With bikes for all needs and interests coupled with the team’s deep expertise and repair services, The Bike Peddler has been a go-to shop for the Salemites hoping to move forward on two wheels.

  • Bike Brands: Specialized, Jamis, Nirve
  • Bike Types: Commuter/hybrid, road, mountain, touring, adventure, cruisers, kids, adult trikes, and comfort bikes
  • Accessories: Bike racks, auto racks, lights, helmets, locks, bells, and much more
  • Apparel: Jerseys, shorts, hats, gloves, and shoes
  • Services: Tune-ups, basic repairs, fit assessments, and bike rentals
  • Education/Pure Fun: Weekly yoga, bike maintenance classes, and monthly women’s ride

Sidebar: Commuting in Salem

It’s never been easier to commute in Salem with new bike lanes and sharrows (i.e. share the road lanes). Here’s a list for ditching that car for a two-wheeled commute:

Commuting Musts:

  • Helmet
  • Light - headlight/tail light
  • Lock
  • A more upright bike often makes navigating through traffic easier.
  • Mirror
  • Spare tube, toolkit, patch and/or CO2 cartridge
  • Nice to haves: rack, panniers (aka sidebags that attach to the rack for easy stuff toting), gloves, waterproof jacket

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Hours: Monday through Friday: 9:00AM - 7:00PM Saturday: 9:00AM - 5:30PM Sunday: 11:00AM - 4:00PM

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